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Three reasons business cards are dying (and what you can do instead)

Are business cards dead?

Business cards

People assume business cards are important for doing business and making money.

But is this really true?

This post will address some of the myths around business cards and show you how to create more business.

Reason #1 – Business Cards are distracting

You can be sure that you are in business to make money. Are you aware of what could stop you making more money, or preventing your business from getting off the ground?


This is something IWT has had to do a lot to help students.

People tend to take action on random things when they first start a business. This can lead to the business not moving forward.

It’s amazing, just think about it. It takes hours of thought to decide what business card should look like and how to design it. Then you spend money to get them done.

Once they are made, you can then hand them out. Although this may seem like you are being productive, you still struggle to get work.

You need systems to succeed in business. Here are three of the systems that I use to grow my online company.

  1. A system to get people’s attention
  2. How to get them to sign up for my email list
  3. System to sell my product.

That’s it. You won’t be able to use all the business cards you see if you don’t have basic systems in place.

Reason #2 – Business Cards don’t work

Before you get business cards, ask yourself this simple question: Will it help me to make new clients or establish new relationships?


How many people followed up on your business cards when you handed them out at an event?

This is because business cards don’t work. They don’t work well enough to be worth the effort and expense of creating and distributing them.

It would be more efficient to contact the people you are interested in and find them by email. Do not expect someone to reach out to you. That’s lazy.

When someone asks you if you have a business card, just say “No, I don’t have one, but I can get your contact information.” I will email you.”

Do it.

Reason #3 – Business cards are sleazy

Although I don’t mean that to be a bearer of bad news, if you go to events and hand out business cards, then you are probably not the type of person people want to talk to.

Everyone knows the person who talks to everyone at the networking event just to get one of those cards.

It is a complete turnoff.

Worse, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. Better to just talk and develop relationships with people you truly find interesting.

This will help you get more business than the guy who passes out cards like a madman.

Do this instead of using business cards

Your goal with business cards is to get more clients for you business. You can do this in many other ways.

My own strategy actually came from me and has been used by thousands to generate hundreds of thousand of dollars by my students.

It’s called the Briefcase Technique, and it’s a game-changer.